Initial Assessment: In the assessment, I look for the student's issues: deficiencies in past lessons, individual learning styles, and any cause for problems they're currently having. With this information, the parent, student and I can set up an effective course of study.

Individual Coaching: This is ideal for students who are struggling in class and would like private attention. Individual coaching lets students ask questions and discuss concerns. I am able to observe how they learn and what math concepts they don't know, including those not in their current class. I address any negative self-talk and help them work on self-confidence and anxiety issues. Individual coaching is designed for students with full schedules and a short time-frame for improvement. The sessions are 60 minutes for one student.

Focused Individual Coaching: This is individual coaching, but for a shorter period of time. It's ideal for elementary and middle school students needing support. The sessions are 30 minutes for one student.

Small Group Coaching: In groups, students can benefit from others' questions and ways of explaining things. Also students enjoy the company of other students when learning math and science. As the coach I facilitate the group and give each student individual attention, addressing their issues with self-confidence, math anxiety, learning styles and deficiencies from past lessons. The sessions are 60 minutes for 3 to 5 students.

Shared Coaching: This is for two students working together. In shared coaching, each student receives individual attention. The sessions are 60 minutes for two students.

Remote Learning: Math Coaching is available via Zoom.

Providing skilled Math Coaching to the Greater Seattle Area and beyond.

“Since coming to work with Laura, I am not nervous when I walk into math class and actually enjoy math. The group sessions make a huge difference in giving me confidence to ask questions and not feel self-conscious.”

- Meadowdale AP Calculus Student