Questions About Self-Confidence and Math Anxiety

Causes of Math Anxiety and Low Self-Confidence in Math

Many parents are concerned that their child may have low confidence and math anxiety.  This is very common.  There are several reasons that math anxiety and low self-confidence in one’s ability to do math can develop.  One reason is that most children have gaps in their background in math from elementary and middle school.  The most common gaps are in order of operations, negative numbers and fractions.  When these gaps are there and a child is trying to build on them, they make mistakes and don’t understand why.  They understand the new material but make mistakes in their work due the background math they are missing.  This leads to a lack of confidence and math anxiety over time.

Covid also has caused math anxiety and low confidence for many children.  They missed a year of school, especially in math.  Filling in gaps in understanding and math skills takes work, patience and a lot of support.  These problems can be changed with the right help.  Young people can become strong at math and confident.  This increases their options in college and for their careers.

“Thanks for all of your help! My daughter got a 94% on her last math test. She is so proud that her hard work has paid off. I am very appreciative that you have restored her self confidence. Pats to Tara!”

- Parent of Garfield High School student