Initial Assessment: In the first session I look for areas that are causing struggles for the student.  I look for common gaps in student knowledge, learning styles, confidence issues, math anxiety, and other common problem areas.  I also develop a plan for working with your student.

Half Hour Individual Coaching: 30 minutes.  This is a popular session.  This is an ideal session length for middle schoolers and can work well for high school students.  The sessions are 30 minutes for one student.

Individual Coaching:  60 minutes.  Generally for high schoolers and college students in challenging classes, such as Algebra 2, Pre-calculus and Calculus.

Individual Coaching can also be for 45 minutes and 90 minutes.

Small Group Coaching:  When there is a small group of students committed to working together, I may offer a small group.  Small groups are 2-5 students for 60 minutes.  I offer these for Pre-Calculus and Calculus or other classes.   I do need prepayment for the month to reserve the time for small groups.

All Math Coaching is Available via Zoom.  I have found that Zoom works very well.  The White Board is an ideal way for students to see step by step details on how to solve problems.  It also gives me an opportunity to see in detail the young person's work and thinking.  Working on Zoom is much more convenient and teens love being in the comfort of their own homes.

Providing skilled Math Coaching to the Greater Seattle Area and beyond.

“Since coming to work with Laura, I am not nervous when I walk into math class and actually enjoy math. The group sessions make a huge difference in giving me confidence to ask questions and not feel self-conscious.”

- Meadowdale AP Calculus Student