Success Stories

“Thanks for all of your help! My daughter got a 94% on her last math test. She is so proud that her hard work has paid off. I am very appreciative that you have restored her self confidence. Pats to Tara!”

- Parent of Garfield High School student


“My 7th grade daughter always struggled with math homework, but managed to test into the 2nd tier math for middle school. I had suggested tutoring for some time, but she resisted. After two zeros on math exams, she was tearful and ready to try a tutor. I’d seen a flyer for Math Success at PCC, and I decided to try Math Success since it was so convenient to my home and had evening hours. My daughter has gained confidence and enhanced her math skills over the last five months. She received a four and a three on her next tests, and is ready for algebra rather than repeating her current math class in 8th grade. Laura has really encouraged her to see herself as good at math. Tutoring with Laura has turned a long-term stressful situation into a stress-free one!”

- Madrona Mom


“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter got an 88% on her chapter 7 math test! I’m so proud of her! She has been working so hard! So appreciate your coaching her!! She always leaves her sessions with a smile on her face and a better understanding of what is going on in class!”

- Parent of Kings Schools Student


“You have made this year so much better for me. Thank you for all of the encouragement and positivity you give me while teaching me math! I actually understand it now, and I enjoy it! You also have helped me be more happy and confident in general. Thank you!”

- Pre-Calculus Junior


“Since coming to work with Laura, I am not nervous when I walk into math class and actually enjoy math. The group sessions make a huge difference in giving me confidence to ask questions and not feel self-conscious.”

- Meadowdale AP Calculus Student


“Laura has tutored two of our kids in math. In both cases, our son and daughter successfully reached their respective goals. Laura has a wonderful ability to connect with her students. My daughter, in particular, had a difficult time in her algebra class. She was miserable since she was getting uncharacteristically poor grades but after just one session, it was obvious that a great weight had been lifted off my daughter’s shoulders. We continued tutoring sessions for the rest of the school year and into the summer at my daughter’s request! If your child needs tutoring, we would highly recommend Laura Hathaway.”

- Parent of Brier Terrace 7th Grader


“Laura tutored both my children in math. She gave my high school child excellent advice to take calculus as a senior instead of other potentially easier math options; she was very strong in this opinion and it turned out to be outstanding advice - we will always be grateful to her. She tutored our high school senior in calculus and was very instrumental in our child succeeding and getting college credit! She is very familiar with the Edmonds curriculum, being that she is right across the street from Edmonds-Woodway High School, so I felt confident that she knew what needed to be done. She is very good at building confidence in math abilities; I think she could make anyone believe they are good at math! Beyond being a math tutor, she also serves as a counselor and advisor, which I appreciated.”

– Parent of Edmonds-Woodway High School Student


“For more than 2 years my daughter has been coached by Laura both individually and in group sessions. Laura has a very positive and calming attitude and has helped my daughter through much of her math anxiety. Very grateful for Lauras guidance and Tara’s soothing presence.”

– Parent of Edmonds Woodway-High School Student


“My daughter struggled with math in middle and high school. Realizing her confidence and ability were sorely lacking, we enrolled her in Math Success offered by Laura Hathaway. It was a very positive experience and my daughter’s math and science abilities became better very quickly. Laura takes extra care to make sure her tutoring environment is comfortable and conducive to building confidence and ability. All in all a very positive experience and it is helping my daughter achieve her goals in college. Thank you Laura.”

– Parent of Shoreline Community College Student


“We found Math Success to be a wonderful program for our daughter. She improved in her math skills and confidence. Laura was also extremely flexible in working with our daughter's very busy schedule to keep her on the right path. We highly recommend Laura Hathaway, Math Success.”

– Parent of Meadowdale High School Student


“Laura tutored both my kids in math. I love that she assesses each student’s learning style and teaches to their strengths. Laura has a big heart, and it’s clear she really cares about each student. Laura is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, I highly recommend Math Success.”

– Parent of Edmonds-Woodway High School Students


“Since working with Laura last summer, I’ve become more relaxed in doing math.”

- Shorecrest High School Algebra 2 Student


“Working with Laura has boosted my confidence and interest in math. She really helps by explaining problems clearly.”

- Shoreline Community College Student


“Since joining group, I have gone from an “F” to a “B” while gaining more confidence in math.”

- Mountlake Terrace High School Student