Summer Math

In my professional experience, summer is the time to make breakthroughs in students math progress. Most student’s do little or no math in the summer. This leads to “summer math loss” where students lose about one and a half months of their math knowledge from the school year. When a student works on math in the summer, even for a month, he or she makes great progress. I first work with the students’ deficiencies, or areas they are missing from prior classes. I then work with students on the most challenging areas of their upcoming classes. This approach can help students make great strides in their math ability and lead them into a successful year.

Summer Math Coaching Goals:

  • Prepare for a difficult class
  • Avoid summer math loss and become stronger at math
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Address math anxiety, without the pressure of testing
  • Prepare for the SAT, ACT, or a college placement exam
  • Resolve deficiencies
  • Prepare for a new school

Many students, after a summer of math coaching, are able to be successful on their own during the school year or need less support. They become "A" students and have lost their math anxiety. They're ready for a successful school year.

“My daughter struggled with math in middle and high school. Realizing her confidence and ability were sorely lacking, we enrolled her in Math Success offered by Laura Hathaway. It was a very positive experience and my daughter’s math and science abilities became better very quickly. Laura takes extra care to make sure her tutoring environment is comfortable and conducive to building confidence and ability. All in all a very positive experience and it is helping my daughter achieve her goals in college. Thank you Laura.”

– Parent of Shoreline Community College Student